Monday, December 24, 2007

Another set of months...

Again, due to work schedule, my ingame time has been lacking. Thus, my funds have been fairly lacking also (limbus and food items can take their toll rather quickly). Very short, uneventful post, but my current totals are:

Bynes: 248/10,400
Shells: 416/6,100
Bronze: 11/1,400

Still a lackluster bronze count, but Denalli managed to get me some hundredpieces over the past few months in dynamis.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Four Months...

That's about how long it's been since I've made any significant progress on anything FFXI-related. Mostly, real life job stuff has been a huge annoyance, and has drastically decreased my ingame time. At any rate, I did trade some shells in to the goblin in Oztroja a few days ago while farming, which leaves me at:

Bynes: 134/10,400
Shells: 309/6,100
Bronze: 6/1,400

Also my girlfriend (now fiance) has been picking up various coins in my absence, thus the increases in bynes and shells despite my lack of ingame time.

Friday, June 1, 2007


The title pretty effectively sums up how the last couple weeks have gone. While I have made some progress with currency, it's been much slower than it could have potentially been. For example, a lot of free time has been devoted to FARMING FREAKING FOMOR CODICES only to have the fomor drop dark crystals (and thus effectively waste 6+ hours of free time). One night after no drop, myself and Aerolyn attempted to farm up replacement codices. Two hours that night, most of the morning, and then all of the time between 1pm and limbus at 6pm (I think), netted a single codex.

So, I'm 0 for 7 on the waistpiece, and overall don't think it's been worth the agony (despite all but 1 other of our original group having swift belts). In more important news, I now have just under 300 shells, and broke the 100byne barrier (again, thanks to Denalli's patience with my debt). Current totals are as follows:

Bynes: 104/10,400
Shells: 295/6,100
Bronze: 4/1,400

Tonight I traded my first hundred bynes to the goblin in Beadeaux for a hundred byne. It was a pretty exciting experience (probably not odd for anyone that's traded the gobs before, but it was new for me).

Friday, May 11, 2007

Paladin and Alchemy

Wednesday I managed to finally ding 100 alchemy (though I still need my furnishing for 100+3), so I'm working on selling back Pro-Ethers to get my funds back up to a healthy level. Leveling Paladin has also had a bit of effect on my funds, mainly in the case of Verve rings and Kamphlegs. In addition to the L. jadeshell I received recently, I've also found some other shells in bazaars for relatively cheap. I also saw a 100 byne in a bazaar for a decent price, but didn't have 800k on me at the time ^^. Progress continues slowly, and I'm trying to figure out ways to bring in a more consistent income, but until I find some new niches, it'll be slow progress.

The AF levels for PLD are going to be pretty nice, up until 73 or so, as I have Haubergeon already, and rings and accessories from Thief, so I think the only real expenses are going to be for shields and swords. That'll free up a bit more gil, but for now my current totals are as follows:

Bynes: 84/10,400
Shells: 191/6,100
Bronze: 0/1,400

Overall I think buying single pieces is more cost effective, but I think buying a bunch at once would be preferable to nitpicking here and there whenever I see them.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A leap forward.

So, another month without an update, but many things are coming up that could pick up the speed of currency acquisition. Firstly, I'm at 99.1 alchemy, and I'm slowly working toward 100. Once that's out of the way I should have a couple more profit synths available, and also won't have to worry about skillups. :D I'm also working on getting PLD to 75, and that hasn't been too expensive so far; We'll see if it gets worse later though as I start to equip for endgame.

Finished a Dynamis - Windurst today where Jen lotted highest on a Jadeshell, so I'll be paying her back for that. But it did boost my numbers a bit, leaving me with:

Bynes: 84/10,400
Shells: 184/6,100
Bronze: 0/1,400

Thanks sweetie ^^

Monday, April 2, 2007

I fail at updates.

So... I notice it's been almost two months since I last updated this, and I'm happy to announce that I'm out of debt for BRD gear, and working toward money to put toward currencies again. The other day I found some inexpensive Byne bills and nabbed them, but other than that, nothing too interesting. I did sell my O. bronzepieces because a good friend of mine recently finished upgrading his Aegis, so I'll just buy M. Silverpieces directly from him.

Other than that though, current progress is:

Bynes: 54/10,400
Shells: 77/6,100
Bronze: 0/1,400

Monday, February 12, 2007

Wow, 2 weeks...

It feels like a posted more recently than two entire weeks ago. Looking at the last update, it would appear that my feelings are incorrect. At any rate, I've made a bit more progress, still not hugely significant, but it's progress. It also set me back a bit in my bard gear (Minstrel's Ring? Pffffttt who needs that?). It would appear another person in the LS has obtained Malefic Dagger. Thus, I must pick up the pace or something (though he has an advantage in that he's got near-100 cloth compared to my near-100 alchemy). That puts my current currency totals at:

Bynes: 38/10,400
Shells: 67/6,100
Bronze: 12/1,400

I managed to pick up 53 shells in a bazaar for pretty cheap while waiting for limbus a week or so ago :D