Friday, May 11, 2007

Paladin and Alchemy

Wednesday I managed to finally ding 100 alchemy (though I still need my furnishing for 100+3), so I'm working on selling back Pro-Ethers to get my funds back up to a healthy level. Leveling Paladin has also had a bit of effect on my funds, mainly in the case of Verve rings and Kamphlegs. In addition to the L. jadeshell I received recently, I've also found some other shells in bazaars for relatively cheap. I also saw a 100 byne in a bazaar for a decent price, but didn't have 800k on me at the time ^^. Progress continues slowly, and I'm trying to figure out ways to bring in a more consistent income, but until I find some new niches, it'll be slow progress.

The AF levels for PLD are going to be pretty nice, up until 73 or so, as I have Haubergeon already, and rings and accessories from Thief, so I think the only real expenses are going to be for shields and swords. That'll free up a bit more gil, but for now my current totals are as follows:

Bynes: 84/10,400
Shells: 191/6,100
Bronze: 0/1,400

Overall I think buying single pieces is more cost effective, but I think buying a bunch at once would be preferable to nitpicking here and there whenever I see them.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A leap forward.

So, another month without an update, but many things are coming up that could pick up the speed of currency acquisition. Firstly, I'm at 99.1 alchemy, and I'm slowly working toward 100. Once that's out of the way I should have a couple more profit synths available, and also won't have to worry about skillups. :D I'm also working on getting PLD to 75, and that hasn't been too expensive so far; We'll see if it gets worse later though as I start to equip for endgame.

Finished a Dynamis - Windurst today where Jen lotted highest on a Jadeshell, so I'll be paying her back for that. But it did boost my numbers a bit, leaving me with:

Bynes: 84/10,400
Shells: 184/6,100
Bronze: 0/1,400

Thanks sweetie ^^