Friday, May 11, 2007

Paladin and Alchemy

Wednesday I managed to finally ding 100 alchemy (though I still need my furnishing for 100+3), so I'm working on selling back Pro-Ethers to get my funds back up to a healthy level. Leveling Paladin has also had a bit of effect on my funds, mainly in the case of Verve rings and Kamphlegs. In addition to the L. jadeshell I received recently, I've also found some other shells in bazaars for relatively cheap. I also saw a 100 byne in a bazaar for a decent price, but didn't have 800k on me at the time ^^. Progress continues slowly, and I'm trying to figure out ways to bring in a more consistent income, but until I find some new niches, it'll be slow progress.

The AF levels for PLD are going to be pretty nice, up until 73 or so, as I have Haubergeon already, and rings and accessories from Thief, so I think the only real expenses are going to be for shields and swords. That'll free up a bit more gil, but for now my current totals are as follows:

Bynes: 84/10,400
Shells: 191/6,100
Bronze: 0/1,400

Overall I think buying single pieces is more cost effective, but I think buying a bunch at once would be preferable to nitpicking here and there whenever I see them.

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