Friday, June 1, 2007


The title pretty effectively sums up how the last couple weeks have gone. While I have made some progress with currency, it's been much slower than it could have potentially been. For example, a lot of free time has been devoted to FARMING FREAKING FOMOR CODICES only to have the fomor drop dark crystals (and thus effectively waste 6+ hours of free time). One night after no drop, myself and Aerolyn attempted to farm up replacement codices. Two hours that night, most of the morning, and then all of the time between 1pm and limbus at 6pm (I think), netted a single codex.

So, I'm 0 for 7 on the waistpiece, and overall don't think it's been worth the agony (despite all but 1 other of our original group having swift belts). In more important news, I now have just under 300 shells, and broke the 100byne barrier (again, thanks to Denalli's patience with my debt). Current totals are as follows:

Bynes: 104/10,400
Shells: 295/6,100
Bronze: 4/1,400

Tonight I traded my first hundred bynes to the goblin in Beadeaux for a hundred byne. It was a pretty exciting experience (probably not odd for anyone that's traded the gobs before, but it was new for me).

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