Monday, February 12, 2007

Wow, 2 weeks...

It feels like a posted more recently than two entire weeks ago. Looking at the last update, it would appear that my feelings are incorrect. At any rate, I've made a bit more progress, still not hugely significant, but it's progress. It also set me back a bit in my bard gear (Minstrel's Ring? Pffffttt who needs that?). It would appear another person in the LS has obtained Malefic Dagger. Thus, I must pick up the pace or something (though he has an advantage in that he's got near-100 cloth compared to my near-100 alchemy). That puts my current currency totals at:

Bynes: 38/10,400
Shells: 67/6,100
Bronze: 12/1,400

I managed to pick up 53 shells in a bazaar for pretty cheap while waiting for limbus a week or so ago :D

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